About Alice Goldstein

Alice Goldstein – Life Coach, Author, and Family Expert

Alice Goldstein

Born in the early 60s, Alice Goldstein is a Baby Boomer who has devoted herself to guiding other Baby Boomers toward happier, more fulfilling lives. She grew up close to the Pacific Ocean, spending her early years in Southern California. 

Attending California State University Northridge, she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology before going on to earn her Master of Arts in Marital and Family Therapy at Azusa Pacific University. Along with her husband David, she has built her reputation on an ability to get at the heart of the issues that matter to Baby Boomers most and to communicate with them effectively and personally. 

Leaving the familiar, Alice and her family relocated from Los Angeles to St Louis in 1991. Although it was a dramatic change in climate and community, David and Alice were excited about new adventures and raising their family in America’s beautiful Heartland. This decisive yet self-reflective action connects directly to the work that she does as a coach and counselor: her specialty is facilitating holistic growth by simplifying complex issues, seeing the immediate opportunities for positive change amid the challenges.

An “Expert” author for Marriage.com, Alice has written about a variety of relationship topics, touching on issues that matter most to seniors, and her article “Tips for Successful Marriages for Couples over 70” has proven to be a major success for the Marriage.com platform. She also owns and operates her own website, SimplyRichLife.com, where she writes about an even broader spectrum of topics – Goal Setting, Finances, Sex, and Life Skills – connecting her information and insight back to Boomers’ lives.

Having worked as a Licensed Professional Counselor for the better part of three decades, she has honed her sense for the challenges that Baby Boomers face most frequently and how to guide them toward a more meaningful understanding of themselves and their lives. On SimplyRichLife.com, she has also offered her services as a life coach pro bono. She has motivated and coached entrepreneurs, first responders, trauma and complex trauma survivors, young adults transitioning from college to work, adults transitioning in their careers or relationships, people working through addiction and recovery, and seniors who are carving out new careers and facing ageism in the market.

After the Route 91 tragedy in 2017, Alice stepped up and offered her counseling services to survivors in her newly-adopted hometown. Similarly, she and David made multiple trips to Kosovo with Service international during the 90s while the crisis was going on there. Together, they have exhibited the potential for an entrepreneurial mindset when combined with an empathetic awareness – their lives characterized both by their successes and by their selflessness.

Alice has honed in on BoomerBuyerGuides.com as her latest initiative, writing articles for seniors and Baby Boomers about topics such as family and communication, health, travel, finance, housing, and safety.

Alice is the mom of two wonderful adult children and one very adorable fur baby. She is a partner at Wolf Revo, LLC.