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About David Goldstein

About David Goldstein

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David Goldstein

A Baby Boomer born in the late 50s, David grew up in North Hollywood, California and naturally, he was attracted to the entertainment business, working as a Recording Engineer and Songwriter and taking a job at A&M Records, where he got a first-hand look at the business, even connecting with many of the label’s artists and executives – which is a long story for another time. Working in Los Angeles during the 70s and 80s, he worked on albums for some of the most legendary artists of all time, including Gloria Gaynor, A Taste of Honey, Peaches and Herb, and members of Earth, Wind & Fire and Toto.

David Goldstein Recording Engineer
David Goldstein – Recording Engineer – 1982

In 1991, after relocating to St. Louis, Missouri David became a founding partner of one of the first web development firms in the mid-west, Activated Multimedia. His experience working with cutting-edge technology in the music business helped him grasp the new technologies being introduced with the internet. The business grew over the decade that followed and was sold to a large Mid-west advertising agency in 2000. Around the same time, David co-founded an online education business, Express Schools, LLC, through which he ran multiple learning platforms including, the first and largest online real estate school in the US. This business was sold in 2013 in a strategic acquisition by another online learning group.

In 2012, David left St. Louis. He purchased, a website dedicated to producing financial news and evergreen content. He and Alice published thousands of articles over the five years that followed, selling the business in 2018. 

A self-taught internet entrepreneur, David had to conduct extensive research into every new venture, learning the technology as he went and then staying apprised of the latest trends in order to maintain his position in the market. The research that he did was extensive, and because of those skills, he has become adept at looking into new products and services in-depth and writing rich and incisive reviews. He understands how to pull the key details out of any topic, communicating them, and putting them into practice.

David’s purchase of in 2014 represented a major shift in his career, his attention turning to the needs of Baby Boomers and other senior adults. Through this acquisition, he began to develop content that seniors and Baby Boomers could connect with on a personal level, focusing on housing, health, finance, and lifestyle. A Boomer himself, he found that interest in these topics came naturally to him, and because of that in conjunction with his propensity for effective research, he quickly built into a thriving enterprise.

Expanding his reach to the senior market in 2019, David launched, a website that caters to Baby Boomers living in Chicago and the surrounding communities. Content includes senior health, senior finance, and of course, senior travel – a passion of his and his favorite pastime until COVID-19 put a pause on it. He and Alice also went on multiple relief trips to Kosovo with Service International during the crisis there.

An expert at product and service reviews, David has launched as a partnership with his wife Alice. Through this platform, Baby Boomers can find trustworthy, well-researched information about the products and services their peers have tried and loved.

Currently based in Las Vegas, David is a father of two adult children, both of whom live in Southern California. He is a partner at Wolf Revo, LLC.

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