Freedom Guardian Medical Alert Smartwatch Review

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Freedom Guardian Mobile Watch Senior Medical Alert System By Medical Guardian™ - Gps Location Bracelet, Senior Alert, 24/7 Alert Button For Seniors

Smartwatches and fitness trackers can dramatically improve the way we care for ourselves. They help keep us focused on how our bodies are performing and alert us to any problem. The Freedom Guardian has an even more specific purpose, to help seniors stay healthy and safe.

The Freedom Guardian is unsurprisingly already a big hit in the US and has a 4.5-star rating with over 10,000 verified reviews.

Specially designed for Baby Boomers as well as older seniors, the Freedom Guardian Medical Alert Smartwatch represents a significant step forward in medical alert tech and is a vast improvement on most other such devices.

What is the Freedom Guardian Medical Alert Smartwatch?

The Freedom Guardian is a medical alert smartwatch. It’s designed to help aging adults stay organized and get more active. The Freedom Guardian also gives loved ones peace of mind, as they can easily find them via GPS tracking.

Designed with aging adults in mind, it has oversized text and icons to make navigating its various functions quick and easy. It also has large buttons to make using the watch as convenient as possible for those who have a hard time reading small text.

In many ways, it is better than in-home monitoring systems and single button alert systems, though some seniors may prefer a simpler, single-purpose emergency and medical alert system. The manufacturer, Medical Guardian offers those systems as well.

What Features Does it Have?

The Freedom Guardian has an array of built-in features and functionality to help seniors go about their day while giving their family peace of mind. Its most useful features include…

Advanced Location Tracking

The Freedom Guardian medical alert smartwatch uses GPS, Wi-fi Positioning systems (WiPS), and triangulation to accurately track the wearer and provide family members with their location in case of an emergency.

This feature is useful for all seniors, but especially those suffering from memory-related ailments, such as dementia, who may forget where they are and get lost (and therefore need assistance from their family or the authorities without knowing it.)

Reminders and Alerts

Seniors can set up a daily calendar and alert system on their Freedom Guardian smartwatch and are notified when it’s time to take medication, go to a doctor’s appointment, and much more.

This reminder function is perfect for helping older adults stay on top of their medical needs and social life without needing to worry about forgetting about an important task or event.

Weather Forecast

The Freedom Guardian comes with an integrated local weather forecast app that provides users with a detailed three-day weather forecast in their area. This can help seniors plan their days out without having to watch the weather forecast on the news or check online.

Text To Speech Messaging

Another very useful built-in feature of the Freedom Guardian is its text to speech messaging functionality. It allows you to have SMS messages read out to you by the device, and you can even respond without needing to type a single word as it also offers speech to text functionality.

This speech-texting makes it great for seniors who aren’t particularly tech-savvy but need to stay in close contact with members of their family, friends, and care workers.

Multi-Function Side Button

The Freedom Guardian has a large red multi-function side button, which can be used to toggle through the smartwatch’s various features and select one. It can also be used to request emergency assistance. You simply hold it down for three seconds to send out this distress signal.

Low Battery Notification

The percentage of battery remaining is shown on every screen to help you reduce the chances of your Freedom Guardian running out of juice. Furthermore, the device notifies you on three separate intervals when it is running out of battery (specifically on 15%, 10%, and 5%), so you can be sure to charge it before going out again.

Analog Watch Face & Date Display

In addition to all of its medical alert and smartwatch functionality, the Freedom Guardian can still ultimately serve as a watch. It has a large analog watch face that clearly shows the date, time, and the day of the week on its high-resolution screen.

Durable & Adjustable Watch Band

It has a durable and lightweight silicone watchband, so it’s comfortable to wear during the day and night, and users won’t be tempted to take it off to give their wrist a rest.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Does the Freedom Guardian Cost?

The Freedom Guardian itself costs $179.95, making it less expensive than the average smartwatch and roughly in the same ballpark as other notification smartwatches. Its monitoring packages, which allow you to request emergency assistance from one of Medical Guardian’s dispatch offices, start at just $1.45 per day.

Where Can I Order a Freedom Guardian?

You can purchase it online directly from its manufacturer, Medical Guardian, which has over 14 years of experience producing reliable medical alert systems for seniors.

What Level of Monitoring u0026amp; Emergency Assistance Does Freedom Guardian Offer?

If you purchase Medical Guardian’s monitoring service and become a Care Circle member, you can immediately send out a distress signal 24/7 as well as unlock a few additional features.

Can I Customize Freedom Guardian?

Yes, when placing your order, you can choose from a few different colors and designs.

Does it Have Bluetooth?

As the Freedom Guardian has a pre-installed SIM chip, it doesn’t require Bluetooth to unlock any of its functionality.

How Often Does The Freedom Guardian Need to be Charged?

It has a battery life of up to 48 hours, though it may vary depending on exactly which features you are using. Medical Guardian advises users to charge their Freedom Guardian device every night to ensure there is always ample battery throughout the day.

Are There Any Usage Limits?

No, there aren’t any messaging or emergency signals limits with the Freedom Guardian, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your usage to a minimum.

A Quick Summary

  • The Freedom Guardian is perfect for seniors and their families who want to give them as much independence as possible while still having peace of mind that they are safe.
  • This medical alert smartwatch was designed with seniors in mind and is manufactured by one of the leading, most established medical alert systems brands in the US.
  • It has many advantages over in-home medical alert systems and single button systems.
  • The Freedom Guardian has an array of impressive, useful features to help seniors go about their day while feeling safe.
  • Such features include a built-in calendar and alerts app, text to speech SMS messaging, and an easy-to-use emergency-stress signal button, plus much more.
  • It costs $179.95, and its monitoring packages start from as little as $1.45 per day.
  • It has a battery life of up to 48 hours, is somewhat customizable, and there are no limits whatsoever on the number of messages and distress signals you can send out.

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