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A lot happens at your front door and now, whether you’re home or away, you can see, hear and speak to anyone standing at your door!

On July 16th, Boomer Buyer Guides, is giving away a Ring Video Doorbell 2! 

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If you’re the kind of shopper who does a lot of homework before making a purchase, you’re going to love Boomer Buyer Guides!

My wife and I recently joined the ranks of the semi-retired and although we did relatively well for ourselves in our working years, we are aware that our hard earned savings are something we need to protect, invest and spend wisely.  It’s not unusual for me to spend many hours sifting through product reviews, comparing prices and generally over-thinking everything before I commit to a purchase – especially if it’s an expensive one.

I can’t tell you how many rabbit holes I’ve fallen into and how much time I’ve wasted while doing my research. I have to admit that it can be kind of fun for me – sometimes. I also have to admit that I’ve made my share of bad buying decisions. won’t save you from every bad spending mistake you’ll ever make but we’re going to try! Each week, we’ll be adding reviews on everything from mattresses to money managers, and cruise lines to credit cards. We’ll tell you about the best places to live, where and when it’s safe to travel and anything else you’d like to learn more about (just let us know and we’ll dig into it for you). 

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Is it safe to travel? What's the best cruise line for seniors? The best hotels in Spain? Check out our Travel Reviews for some great, money saving tips!

Product Guides

What's the best phone for Boomers? The best firm mattress? Should you buy a Tesla? If you're shopping for something and need a little help, we have you covered.


Which credit card has the best rewards program? How can you save on your mortgage? What's a reverse mortgage and should you get one? Our Finance Guides could save you a bundle!