10 of the Best iPad Mind Games to Keep Your Brain Sharp

Ipad Memory Games

Chances are you’ve been told that you should be playing games and doing puzzles to keep your mind sharp as you age. Baby boomers have a variety of choices right at their fingertips. Playing games improves memory, reasoning ability and motor skills. There are a variety of games and apps to choose from, with many free options for budget-minded seniors. It has never been so easy to exercise your brain and have fun at the same time.

You no longer have an excuse to avoid games since you can play them anywhere, anytime with your iPad, iPhone or any brand of tablet. Below are 10 favorites for you to consider.

Elevate-Brain-Training Ipad Games

Elevate Brain Training

Elevate challenges players with daily activities designed to improve cognitive skills such as reading, math, listening, writing and speaking. This personalized brain training program measures and tracks progress made in areas like speed to complete tasks, memory and concentration levels.

There are different games to keep boomers stimulated. One goal of this iOS app is to provide ongoing challenges that ensure the user is encouraged to improve performance.

Blek Ipad Games 10 Of The Best Ipad Mind Games To Keep Your Brain Sharp


Blek is a popular game featuring intricate puzzles manipulated by touch screens and art. Players are challenged to create patterns to advance in the game. While this game sounds a bit simple, it has proven to have a steady following of players. Blek is available at the Apple store.

Cognifit 10 Of The Best Ipad Mind Games To Keep Your Brain Sharp

CogniFit Brain Training

This iOS app was designed by neuroscientists to improve cognitive functioning. There are intelligence games, memory puzzles, and educational challenges offered by CogniFit. Users have fun while working on a variety of games. User performance is tracked so that users can compare their scores with other players.

This simple, easy-to-use free app is appropriate for anyone including the elderly. It can be used to identify and evaluate cognitive weaknesses that need to be addressed.

Framed 10 Of The Best Ipad Mind Games To Keep Your Brain Sharp


If puzzles and narrative game play are something you enjoy, then Framed is the game for you. Framed allows players to control the story’s events by organizing comic book panels to help your character escape from the villains intent on doing them harm.

Brainhq 10 Of The Best Ipad Mind Games To Keep Your Brain Sharp


This app is specifically designed to train your brain. BrainHQ directs users to solve specific problems. Recognized as having high standards, this app is designed to exercise your brain for improved brain health.

Civilization Vi 10 Of The Best Ipad Mind Games To Keep Your Brain Sharp

Civilization VI

This game challenges players on many levels to control a nation. Players are tasked with the same responsibilities of world leaders throughout time to manage resources, and fight off the threat of enemies to build a civilization. This is available for free at the Apple store.

Fit Brain Trainer 10 Of The Best Ipad Mind Games To Keep Your Brain Sharp

Fit Brain Trainer

This free app is designed to improve IQ scores. With more than 360 games to choose from, boomers are sure to find something that suits their taste. Neuroscientists created these games based on research findings about ways to improve memory, concentration levels, and emotional cognitive skills. Performance data allows baby boomers to select and assess the difficulty of specific challenges as a way to personalize the app to target individual needs. Unlike many apps, this one focuses on mood improvement and positive thinking.

Braincurls 10 Of The Best Ipad Mind Games To Keep Your Brain Sharp


This is a free website that offers a variety of games that are accessible for building brain power. There are logic questions that test your ability to clearly arrive at answers after careful contemplation. There are also math questions to keep those skills sharp.

Personal Zen 10 Of The Best Ipad Mind Games To Keep Your Brain Sharp

Personal Zen

Mental health has a huge impact on brain health. Personal Zen offers a unique approach to reducing anxiety and stress to support optimal cognitive functioning. Based on 20 years of neuroscience research, Personal Zen has proven to be a long-term mental health solution that helps address the anxiety that often increases as boomers age.

This free iOS app is simple and appeals to all age groups.

Brainscape 10 Of The Best Ipad Mind Games To Keep Your Brain Sharp


Brainscape works as a tool for helping baby boomers focus and streamline their thoughts. As a customized app, it aids users in making flashcards they can use in subjects that interest them. Brainscape recognizes that boomers aren’t all the same and need study tools that work for them.

Solitaire Bliss

Solitaire Bliss is the ultimate card game destination. Not only can you play solitaire, you can play over 25 different card games, from multiplayer ones like Spades to single player games like FreeCell. You can create an account to track personal records, and customize game play. You can also play Solitaire Bliss online


Euchre.com is the ultimate destination for Euchre enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive online platform for the classic card game. With a wide array of euchre variations to choose from, players can enjoy their preferred style of gameplay. The website also hosts thrilling online tournaments, providing a competitive environment for players to test their skills and compete against others. Euchre goes beyond gameplay, incorporating robust social features that allow players to connect, making new friends, and engaging in lively discussions. Additionally, the platform offers an invite and play with friends option, allowing users to challenge their buddies to exciting matches. With multiplatform support and free access, Euchre is accessible to players on iOS, Android devices, and any web browser, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all Euchre lovers.


Armed with an iPad, baby boomers can access apps and websites that can keep their brain active and sharp. Many of the apps described above were designed by neuroscientists for the purpose of improving cognitive functioning. By combining fun activities with mental challenges in the form of puzzles and games, seniors can take a proactive approach to improve their memory and problem-solving abilities.