7 Easy Income Boosters for Boomers

7 Top Flexible Job Or Entrepreneurial Options For Baby Boomers

Whether you’re looking for a good old-fashioned job to earn extra income or your sights are focused on an entrepreneurial endeavor, there is no shortage of opportunities for retired (or semi-retired) Baby Boomers.

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Below are some popular income boosters for Boomers.

1. Become a Craigslist, Facebook or eBay reseller.

Boomers who pride themselves on being able to consistently spot the best deals should consider turning this skill into a revenue stream. There is no shortage of products that can be purchased for almost nothing, then flipped for profit. Some resellers boast about not paying for their inventory, literally picking up items off the curb for the purpose of selling online.

Resellers aren’t limited to using Craigslist, Facebook or eBay. Some resellers create their own website to establish their own brand. Other strategies for maximizing profit include utilizing different selling platforms for different products as a way to leverage the strengths of each platform to maximize profits. A few of the most popular sites to consider are Amazon, Etsy, Ruby Lane, Chairish, Handshake, Ruby Lane, Bonanza, and Swappa.

2. Sell your photos.

One of the most fulfilling ways to earn an income is to turn a beloved hobby into a vehicle for making extra money. That’s why selling photos tops this list of income-earning opportunities. Most boomers have spent a lot of time and energy taking memorable photographs of their loved ones.

It’s easier than ever to sell your photos via several websites established to make it easy to monetize your gems. While each platform is different in terms of amount paid and other terms of engagement, they all offer shutterbugs a way to sell photos. A few of the most established platforms to consider are Adobe Stock, Envira Gallery, Shutterstock, Etsy, Crestock, Alamy, and Fotomoto.

As precious as your photos are to you, not all of them are likely to sell. It is important to know what is selling. The most sought-after images are shots of people, food, people working, cities, nature and travel.

3. Become a customer service representative.

If you’re good with people and enjoy conversing with a wide variety of personalities, then you should consider becoming a customer service representative. This high-demand position provides stability and an excellent source of income for seniors seeking a part-time, flexible job that they can count on.

While there are literally an endless number of customer service jobs available on most days, AARP recommends top companies such as Aetna which offers work at home opportunities. They also pay a generous sign-on bonus as a way to add a little extra incentive for new hires.

4. Teach classes at a local community college or online.

One of the most reportedly, rewarding part-time flexible jobs that boomers love is teaching. Fortunately, there are many flexible options for seniors interested in imparting their knowledge to students. Online teaching is a favorite choice since you don’t have to leave the house. During the COVID pandemic, online tutors had plenty of work without the risk.

Community colleges are also an excellent avenue to explore. Many of these colleges value experience over educational credentials making this the perfect opportunity for seniors with a lifetime of experience.

Some teachers design their own courses recording their classes on videos that can be sold on sites that market classes on everything from gourmet cooking to biophysics 101. This type of teaching arrangement frees up your schedule putting you in complete control of your hours. Some of the more popular sites are Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, Skillshare, General Assembly, Udacity, and Codecademy.

5. Open a consulting business.

An obvious place to start looking for work for boomers is to consider consulting. Many recent retirees find that consulting allows them to continue working in the field they know best without the hectic demands of a full-time position. Considering that consultants can often charge much more per hour than they could earn in a typical part-time flexible job, it is no surprise that smart retirees seriously consider consulting.

When you factor in the flexibility and ability to choose to work only with attractive clients that are manageable and pleasant, boomers appreciate this low-stress moneymaker. Marketing your consulting services is often as easy as making a few contacts or former employers.

6. Teach a class for other baby boomers at a senior center.

There are a large number of senior centers seeking special talent to conduct classes for seniors. Clients of these centers often pay $50 or less per person for a class in everything from writing to music. It is easy to appreciate how rewarding this type of activity would be as you focus on teaching to interested peers.

While it is doubtful you will get rich in this type of effort, the benefits are many. It is no secret that boomers like to feel like they are contributing something useful to society while they earn.

7. Work part-time as a senior data analyst.

Data scientists and analysts are in high demand. That most likely explains why working as a freelance data analyst at rates as high as $40 per hour represents a true possibility for boomers experienced in this field. Data analysts are often asked to move records from one system to another while maintaining the integrity of the data.