7 Products To Help You Overcome SAD This Winter

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The end of daylight savings time messes with a lot of people’s internal well being. It’s estimated that  10 million people suffer from SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder

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As baby boomers we have been through a lot of clock changing in our lives yet it still takes a toll on our mind and spirits.

Whether or not you’ve been diagnosed with SAD, if during the fall and winter you have feelings of sluggishness, sadness and weight gain you may benefit from changing up your routine.  Just a few changes can help you have a happier, more productive winter.

Seven Products to help you avoid a SAD Winter

Miroco Light Therapy Lamp

Get as much natural sunlight as possible. Your body thrives on the Vitamins D it gets from the sun and sunshine helps with circadian rhythm so you sleep better. But If you live somewhere where you lack sunshine for days consider using a light therapy lamp to get a daily dose of light. Read the reviews and see how it’s helped others.

Sunrise Alarm Clock Wake Up Light

Consider waking up to a dawn simulator – this light gradually brightens the room so you are waking up to light it’s light even if it’s still dark outside.  This is a great product for kids who have a hard time waking up.  

Comenzar Flameless Candles

Battery operated candles can be programmed to automatically go on each day and create a warm and inviting home. Program them to go on so at the end of the day you walk into a welcoming environment.  Or if you’re working from home program the candles to auto turn on at the end of your work day – signally to you it’s time to stand and stretch and pat yourself on the back for a day well done!

Koxly 49 Ft 100 LED Globe String with Remote Control

Consider adding string lights to add another level of warmth to your home. There is something about string lights that nurture our romantic selves. 

Mini Smart Outlet Wifi Socket with Timer Function

Auto timer switches are a great addition to allow lights around your house to go on automatically – you can schedule them to go on and off the same time each day or program them to go on and off to whatever schedule you desire. These can be programmed with Alexa or from your smart phone.

Aromatherapy Diffuser with Essential Oil Set

Working from home? Use all of the above and add aromatherapy with a citrus scent at the beginning of the day or when you need a mid-day pick me up. The citrus scent will help you feel focused and energized and the lavender scent in the evening will help you be calm and relaxed. This diffuser is beautiful so in addition to the aromatherapy, it’s also pleasing to the eye.

Confidence Fitness Adjustable Height Treadmill Desk – Walk/Stand While You Work!

We are all trying to get extra steps in throughout the day. Vigorous exercise activates endorphins in your body which helps your metabolism stay happy. A treadmill desk can be used for work or for a productive Netflix binge!

If you already own a treadmill This desk can be used for standing and working or for putting over your treadmill so you can walk and work!

Folding Treadmill Electric Treadmills for Home

If you’re looking for a great treadmill at a reasonable price, check out this one – it easily collapses for simple storage.

Any and all of these products can help you beat the winter blues and for other ideas check out our article Easy Steps for a Happier Winter.