Best Mattress For Baby Boomers – Top Picks For 2021

Senior Couple Enjoying Best Mattress For Boomers

When I was younger, I could sleep on just about any mattress and be perfectly comfortable. Today, like a bunch of my Baby Boomer friends, I need a very firm mattress. If I try to sleep on anything but a firm mattress, I’m in for a very long night – and so is Alice. Some of my peers need just the opposite – a super soft, plush bed works best for them. Different strokes for different folks, right?

Considering the fact that we spend (or are supposed to spend) 8 hours a night sleeping, it’s understandable why having the best mattress to meet your specific needs is so important.

There are several things to consider when shopping and comparing mattresses. This guide will give you some of the basics so you can find the best mattress for you or a loved one. We’ve included links to trusted retailers so you can easily place an order for the same model online in a matter of seconds.

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Let’s start with our recommendations and then we’ll take a deeper dive into the topic of mattresses.

Loom & Leaf Mattress

Best Mattress For Baby Boomers - Loom And Leaf

The Loom & Leaf memory foam mattress is designed to support your body while not absorbing too much heat – and it’s a solid contender for boomers and seniors suffering from chronic pain and other ailments.

Price: $849 for a Twin size, $1,599 for Queen size, and $2,099 for the Split King size.

Loom & Leaf Mattress Features:

  • Ultra-premium memory foam mattress
  • Has layers of gel and high-density memory foam for support and comfort
  • Made in the US from high-quality materials
  • An excellent choice for boomers suffering from chronic pain and other ailments
  • Comes in a great selection of sizes, from Twin to Split Cal King
  • Two firmness options – Relaxed Firm or Firm – to choose from
  • Comes with a free 120-day home trial, free white glove delivery and free mattress removal
  • The cover is protected with a botanical antimicrobial treatment
  • Comes with a 15-year warranty

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Why Do Baby Boomers Need Quality Mattress?

A quality mattress that supports your body can help you fall asleep and stay asleep, whereas an old or low-quality mattress can make it difficult for you to fall asleep and may cause you to wake up in the middle of the night due to discomfort.

Not getting enough shuteye every night – 7 to 9 hours, according to various studies – can leave you feeling highly irritable and unable to focus the next day.

And, consistently failing to get sufficient sleep can have long-term implications on your mental and physical health. It can even put you at a higher risk of developing certain diseases and life-threatening conditions, so the importance of sleep really can’t be overstated.

Aside from influencing the quality of sleep you get, your mattress can either help manage or exacerbate body pain – especially back pain – so investing in a quality mattress should be high on the priority list of any boomer or senior.

What Different Types of Mattresses Are There?

There are many different mattresses on the market – and they are usually grouped by what materials they are made from. Memory foam mattresses have become increasingly popular over the past decade or so, as they offer more support, though some users may find them to be a bit too firm.

Innersprings mattresses are another popular type. You can also get hybrid mattresses which utilize innersprings and memory foam, in addition to other materials such as latex, to get the best of both worlds.

Which Mattress Size is Right For Me?

There are several different mattress sizes, including Twin, Queen, King, and California King. The size that’s best for you is ultimately dependent on whether you’ll be sleeping alone or with a partner, how much space you want, and how much free space you have in your bedroom.

Your budget is another factor to consider, as larger mattresses can cost considerably more than smaller versions of the same model.

How Much Does a Quality Mattress Cost?

With so much variation in price due to size and quality, it’s difficult to give a narrow and realistic range of what you’re likely to spend. However, as some guidance, or a Twin mattress, you can expect to pay about $1,100-$1,400, whereas you’ll be looking at close to $2,000 for a California King size model of certain brands.

Can I Buy a Mattress On Credit?

Yes, many luxury mattress retailers allow customers to buy their mattress on credit. Financing plans will enable you to begin enjoying and benefitting from your new mattress immediately, while gradually paying it off.

The exact amount you pay per month and the interest you’re charged is dependent on how long you need to pay it off and the specific terms of the financing program.

You should always carefully check that the payments are affordable, and it’s also a good idea to read the fine print to look for any hidden fees or early payment charges.

Are There Any Discounts Available?

Many retailers and manufacturers offer significant discounts if you spend over a certain amount (for example, 20 percent off when you spend over $1,000 on a mattress.) They also frequently run seasonal discounts, which can allow you to make significant savings.

What About Optional Add-Ons?

Most luxury mattresses on the market can be purchased with optional extras. These include extras on the mattress itself or additional items, such as pillows, duvets, and other similar products.

You should decide whether or not a particular optional extra will be of use to you or not. You should always keep in mind that it usually works out cheaper to buy a package instead of purchasing these additional items separately from a different store or online retailer.

Final Thoughts About Mattresses For Baby Boomers

A new mattress can be an excellent purchase for boomers to make, but only if you buy the right one for you. It’s advisable first to measure out how much free space you have in your bedroom and decide which size is best for you. Then, you can begin browsing and researching individual mattresses before making a purchase.

It’s strongly advisable only to consider buying a new mattress, as second-hand mattresses are very difficult to clean thoroughly and may be defective or harbor bed bugs.

A Quick Mattress Summary

  • Mattresses may seem like quite an unimportant purchase, but the mattress you buy and sleep on can significantly impact your health.
  • We spend around a third of our life asleep, and boomers, in particular, need a mattress that supports their body and helps them get comfortable and fall (and stay) asleep.
  • Our four Top Picks are fantastic for seniors, and all come with a trial period plus a multi-year warranty.
  • You can order one of them in a matter of clicks via the links to trusted online, US-based retailers we’ve included for each.
  • There are several different types of mattresses out there. Memory foams are a big hit among boomers and seniors, as they offer fantastic support, though some may find them to be a bit too firm.

A Few More Mattresses You Might Want to Check Out!

The WinkBed

Winkbeds Firm Mattress For Baby Boomers

The WinkBed is one of the most versatile mattresses we’ve reviewed, as it comes in four different levels of firmness, ensuring there’s an option that is suitable for your individual needs.

It also offers excellent lower back support, which is very important for many boomers.

Price: $1,049 for Twin size, $1,599 for Queen size and $1,849 for Cali. King size

WinkBed Features:

  • Exceptional quality and highly versatile innerspring and memory foam mattress
  • Has layers of gel and high-density memory foam for extra support and comfort
  • The hybrid design offers brilliant support for your body and has great breathability
  • An excellent choice for any boomer due to its versatility
  • Comes in a great selection of sizes, from Twin to Cal. King
  • Four firmness options – Softer, Luxury Firm, Firmer and Plus – to choose from
  • Comes with a free 120-night home trial
  • Manufactured in the US from high-quality materials
  • Has an overall 5-star rating from over 4,500 reviews

Birch Natural Mattress

Birch Mattress 1 Best Mattress For Baby Boomers - Top Picks For 2021

Next, we have the Birch Natural Mattress. It is made from latex and organic wool, which is great for ensuring good airflow into and out of the mattress and allowing heat to dissipate.

This mattress is designed to cradle your pressure points, so you don’t feel sore in the morning.

Price: $1,049 for a Twin size, $1,499 for Queen size and $1,799 for Cal. King size

Birch Natural Mattress Features:

  • A fantastic mattress which is especially great for seniors who usually sleep hot
  • Made from latex and organic wool to provide the perfect combination of breathability and support
  • Optimized from pressure relief and maximizes airflow to keep sweating to a minimum
  • Cradles many of your pressure points, so you don’t feel sore in the morning.
  • Comes in a great selection of sizes, from Twin to Cal. King
  • Comes with a free 100 night home trial
  • Handmade in the US with care and from high quality, non-toxic materials
  • Comes with a 25-year warranty

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Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress

Brentwood Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress For Baby Boomers E1592239520474 Best Mattress For Baby Boomers - Top Picks For 2021

Last but not least, we have the Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress. It is made from the finest, highest quality natural materials and latex to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable night’s sleep.

The manufacturer is so confident you’ll love this mattress they offer a one year trial period.

Price: $1,499 for Queen size, $1,799 for King size and $1,799 for Cal. King size

Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress Features:

  • Exceptional, luxurious mattress great for all seniors
  • Made from high-quality latex and natural materials
  • Great for eco-conscious boomers
  • It’s medium firm, which most seniors will be a good middle ground between support and comfort
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified, so it meets rigorous emissions tests and standards
  • Comes in three sizes: Queen, King, and California King
  • Comes with a free one year trial period so that you can test it out for yourself risk-free
  • Handcrafted in California with quality in mind
  • Comes with a 25-year warranty

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