Born in 1949? So Were Meryl Streep And The Emmy Awards

What Happened The Year You Were Born ? 1949

If you were born in 1949, you share a birth year with color television broadcasting, the Emmy Awards, the NBA (National Basketball Association,) and more. This is the year that the U.S. starts tasting economic prosperity after World War II. Consumer goods became more widely available and, in many cases, larger than before. Televisions were becoming more popular and soap operas started airing at this time.

Interesting Statistics from 1949

  • U.S. population: 149.19 million
  • Worldwide population: 4.38 billion
  • Life expectancy: 68.0 years
  • Price of gas: 17 cents
  • Price of a new house: $7,450
  • Wages per year: $2,950

Top News in 1949

If You Were Born in 1949, Your Parents Witnessed These Historic Events

  • The Fourth Geneva Convention meets. They create standards for the treatment of citizens during war that are eventually adopted internationally.
  • Indonesia becomes independent
  • De-Havilland Comet, the first commercial jet airliner, takes its first test flight.
  • A broadcasting system for color television is created.
  • President Truman gives his “Fair Deal” speech.
  • First Volkswagen Beetle is sold in the U.S. First Porsche is showcased.
  • The Ferranti Mark 1 becomes the first computer sold commercially.
  • The BAA merges with the NBL and becomes the NBA
  • The last U.S. troops leave South Korea.

1949 Pop Culture


  • 1949 World Series: New York Yankees defeat Brooklyn Dodges 4-1.
  • 1949 NFL Championship: Philadelphia Eagles defeat Los Angeles Rams 14-0.
  • 1949 NBA Championship: Minneapolis Lakers defeat Washington Capitols 4-2
  • 1949 Stanley Cup: Toronto Maple Leafs defeat Detroit Red Wings 4-0.


  • Top-grossing movies in 1949: “Jolson Sings Again,” “Battleground,” “I Was a Male War Bride”
  • Top singles in 1949: “Riders in the Sky,” “That Lucky Old Sun,” “You’re Breaking My Heart”
  • Top books in 1949: “The Egyptian,” “White Collar Zoo,” “1984,” “Death of a Salesman”

Who Else Was Born in 1949?

  • Larry Holmes
  • Lionel Richie
  • Patrick Duffy
  • Andy Kaufman
  • Meryl Streep
  • Sigourney Weaver

Who Died in 1949?

  • James Forrestal
  • Bill Robinson
  • Richard Strauss