The Benefits of Mindfulness For Baby Boomers

Mindfulness For Baby Boomers

Mindfulness requires just a little practice and it offers some great benefits to Baby Boomers. Read on to discover what it is and to learn how you can give it a try yourself.

What is Mindfulness Exactly?

There are slightly varying definitions of mindfulness, with it being both a meditation method and a particular way of looking at the world and your life. It draws on some aspects of Buddhism, and is primarily centered around focusing on what you sense and feel at any given moment, without overthinking.

The Benefits of Mindfulness

Improved Longevity

According to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, practicing mindfulness can increase your lifespan. Researchers were unable to determine exactly how it leads to this, but the numbers don’t lie.

Counter Alzheimer’s

It can also potentially counter and slow down Alzheimer’s disease, as this condition is exacerbated by anxiety and stress (and practicing mindfulness can reduce both of these and result in a more peaceful outlook on your life.)

Lower Healthcare Costs

The aforementioned study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology also found that practicing mindfulness can result in lower healthcare costs, as seniors who practice it spend less time in hospital and are hospitalized less frequently than those who don’t.

Feel Less Lonely

Finally, mindfulness can make you feel less lonely and more connected with your friends, family and the world. This is very important for your mental health, especially for Boomers and seniors, who often feel isolated from the rest of the world and sometimes go days without any contact with another person.

How to Practice Mindfulness?

You can practice mindfulness by meditating. At first, meditating can seem strange and many people struggle to get in the zone, but just like with anything else, you should find yourself improving over time.

You can practice mindfulness by slowing down and taking the time to live the moment and focus on your senses to notice sounds, smells and sensations more than you normally would.

Try to focus on your breathing, not just when meditating but also when going about your day and especially when you start to feel anxious.

Final Thoughts

Once you get the hang of being mindful you’ll quickly begin to reap its benefits. There’s plenty of research that suggests it can be great for Boomers and older seniors too, so it’s well worth giving a try.

A Quick Summary

  • Mindfulness is a meditation method and a particular way of looking at the world and your life.
  • Practicing it can result in you living a happier and healthier life, with studies finding several benefits.
  • These benefits include things like reduced anxiety and stress, feeling less lonely and improved longevity.
  • Aside from meditation, you can practice it by focusing on the moment and focusing on your senses to pick up things that you would normally miss and not take notice of.