Best Gifts for Seniors 2023

Best Gifts For Seniors

Gift shopping these days isn’t only about getting to the store before everyone else to avoid crowds and long lines, mainly because gift shopping is almost exclusively happening online. Now, searching the internet for the best gifts for seniors can be frustrating at the least, especially if you’re anything like me!

If you’re familiar with you know that we place a specific focus on what’s really important to Baby Boomers (those of us born between 1946-1964.) That said, and because finding the perfect gift is sometimes like trying to find a needle in a haystack, we’ve created the ultimate list of the best gifts for seniors.

Top 11 Best Gifts for Seniors

1 – Tile Trackers

Gifts For Baby Boomers

The Tile Tracker is at the top of our list for a reason, as it is one of the best gifts for retirees we’ve come across. Forgetting where they’ve placed their things is an increasing aspect of every senior’s life and instead of getting frustrated and fighting against it, we recommend accepting it and asking for help – in this case, a tile tracker’s help. These little trackers offer an excellent solution for when you need to find a misplaced item, be it your keys, your TV remote, or even your wallet – all without breaking your bank!

Place a small Tile “Sticker” on TV remotes, a versatile “Mate” on keys (as seen in the You can use a small Tile “Sticker” for your TV remotes, a versatile “Mate” for your keys (as seen in the image on the left), or even a credit card-sized “Slim” card for your wallet. Next, just download the Tile app and when something’s missing, just open it and skip all the tedious running around.

And as an added benefit, if you use the product and still lose something, Tile will As an extra plus, Tile will reimburse you for up to $1000 if you use their products and still lose something – talk about product trust!

2 – Boom Again Trivia Game

Boom Again Game

Here’s a gift idea that every senior born between 1946 – 1964 will LOVE!

In case you haven’t already discovered, baby boomers love to talk about the past. Specifically, about the things that had a special place in their lives.

Boom Again is a trivia game that calls on players’ memories about topics experienced first-hand by baby boomers including music, jingles, famous speeches, lyrics, catchphrases, TV shows, movies, commercials, magazines, fashion, cars, drug culture, politics, sports, Sunday comics and more!

When we received The Baby Boom game in the mail we were shocked by the quality – the box was SO HEAVY. We expected a few trivia card decks but what we got was far more impressive!

Here’s what’s comes in the beautiful, wooden cigar box…
Two card boxes filled with 2,244 questions.

“Real” Game Tokens including:

  • A Metal Skate Key
  • A “Students For Kennedy” Button
  • A 45-RPM Record Insert
  • A Vietnam Era Dog Tag
  • A Working Roach Clip (pass it around!)
  • A Milk Bottle Cap

We couldn’t give this one a higher recommendation. It’s great!

Oh… and at $45 bucks, it’s a real bargain!

3 – Skylight Digital Picture Frame

Gifts For Baby Boomers

Digital frames aren’t something new, but the advances in design and technology made around these little memory holders have forced us to bring them out, once more.

This specific model offers you a great feature: You can send photos through the frame’s unique email address and they will magically appear there. Imagine the face of your parents when they wake up with a lovely photo of their grandchildren – priceless!

In terms of technical details, you’re also set. It offers a 10 inches wide high-resolution touch screen, which leads to nearly 10,000 buyers on Amazon giving it a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating. We suggest you go read some reviews so you can understand how much love this product can bring to people’s lives and why we consider it one of the best gifts for seniors.

4 – Weighted Blanket

The popularity of weighted blankets has increased over the last few years, especially among people who have a hard time falling asleep, nap addicts and TV lovers!

Gifts For Boomers

According to, “Weighted blankets use deep pressure stimulation, which is thought to stimulate the production of a mood-boosting hormone (serotonin), reduce the stress hormone (cortisol), and increase levels of melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep. This may help improve overall sleep quality.”

Our recommendation is, without a doubt, the Uttermara Sherpa Fleece Weighted Blanket on Amazon. If the 2000 5 star reviews don’t convince you, just look at these blankets and imagine how comfy your parents would stay under them!

5 – Instant Pot 7-in-1 Cooker

Gifts For Baby Boomers

These kitchen gadgets are a must in every Baby Boomer’s kitchen! Among all the great brands around, Instapot is one of the most popular ones – it reached even more Baby Boomer’s houses with the COVID-19 pandemic, as people started to cook more often at home. If you’re looking for recipes, be sure to check their Facebook community – it has nearly 500,000 followers!

The Instapot is an all-in-one electric pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, and yogurt maker and it’s simplifying meal prep for hundreds of thousands of people.

This specific model is the popular 7-in1 Instapot – easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to buy as a gift, what more do you want?

6 – Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

Gifts For Boomers

This is, in our opinion, one of the best gifts for retirees, as it can help them keep their health at check, with some incredible features.

The Fitbit Versa looks like a simple watch, but it is much more! With hundreds of clock face options, here are the features that take it to the next level:

  • Designed For Fitness
  • Tracks Steps, Calories Burned and More
  • Helps Optimize Sleep
  • Heart Fitness Tracking
  • Built-in GPS
  • Monitors Stress
  • Alerts for Low or High Heart Rate

Not only will you be offering a stylish watch to your parents, but you’ll sleep better knowing their health concerns won’t come completely out of the blue – that way, you can do more to prevent them!

7 – Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable Luggage

Gifts For Boomers

Baby Boomers love to travel – but preferably, with light luggage! Luckily, this Samsonite suitcase weighs only 6.8 lbs and has great wheels, suitable for every terrain. Pack all you need in its 20-inch interior and slide graciously through busy airports.

Here are some things we love about this rolling carry-on suitcase and why it’s one of the best gifts for seniors:

  • A scratch-resistant Micro-diamond Polycarbonate material keeps it looking great, for a long time
  • A 10-Year Warranty allows you to not worry about any material and workmanship defects
  • TSA Locks are mounted on the side to avoid theft and help TSA do its business, easier
  • Cross straps keep everything in place and there’s even a zippered area to store smaller items
  • Finally, this bag is expandable, meaning you can pack more than you normally would in a suitcase of this size

8 – Shiatsu Cushioned Chair Massager

Gifts For Baby Boomers

We challenge you to try and think of something that feels better and offers more health benefits than a massage. Pretty hard, isn’t it? Now, we know not everyone has the wallet to go to a professional every week, but that’s where the Shiatsu Cushioned Chair Massager enters.

Here are 3 great benefits provided by massages:

  1. Stress Reduction: Not only does it relax your body, but it lowers your mental stress levels as well. Also, you’re getting a massage!

2. Pain Reduction:Especially in seniors, pain can be a real problem. It can linger in your back all day and take away all the great and simple pleasures of life. These massages reduce that pain by easing joint stiffness, which ends up releasing endorphins and acting like natural pain relievers.

3. Lowered Blood Pressure: Also a concern in Baby Boomers, high blood pressure can be controlled and regulated with consistent massages, which can also decrease anxiety and depression.

At under $200, this massager makes for one of the best gifts for retirees or family members who might appreciate any of the health benefits mentioned above.

9 – Temperate Control Smart Mug (Ember Brand)

Gifts For Baby Boomers

There is nothing worst than preparing everything for a great session of work or a relaxing afternoon, sitting comfortably and having that first sip of your hot beverage, to just then realize it got cold. If you know someone who hates that, here’s a little gadget that they will love to receive as a gift. Be it coffee or tea, it will transform their daily routines, which is why we consider it one of the best gifts for seniors.

Every coffee lover knows that re-heating it in the microwave just doesn’t bring that same taste. But it’s avoidable!

The Ember Mug not only offers other great features but it allows you to set the temperature you like best, via an app. It will also maintain it there for as long as your drink is in the mug (or 1.5 hours, whichever comes first.)

Lastly, it comes in two sizes, 10 oz or 14 oz, and it’s available in either black or white. With more than 4000 4.5 star reviews on Amazon, the Ember Mug guarantees a smile on the face of your favorite coffee or tea drinker. Check it out on Amazon!

10 – Wireless Headphones for TV Watching

Gifts For Boomers

There are a couple of things we can all expect, as we age:

  1. Misplacing remotes and keys and forgetting why we walked into a room will be more common, as our short-term memory isn’t the best anymore.
  2. We tend to say “Uh?” more often when someone says something – primarily because we couldn’t understand it.

The second one is quite frustrating, especially when your parents need to use subtitles when they watch TV – or else set the volume way up high. For that reason, here’s the perfect gift!

These wireless headphones are easily connected to a TV and can be a great solution for anyone who would otherwise struggle to “hear” the dialog from their favorite TV show.

Now, it’s a competitive industry, and with so many models available it can get confusing. That’s why we provided a link to a page where you can browse through the best options in the market, at the moment.

11 – Best Sleep Aid Ever

Gifts For Baby Boomers

The lack of sleep can take a serious toll on someone’s mental and physical health, and I’m sure most of your parents and senior friends have some kind of sleep struggles. They have, most probably, even tried over-the-counter sleep-aids, which can help at first, but can rapidly become ineffective, or even bring some unwanted daylight drowsiness – trust us, they are notorious for causing more problems than they solve.

This is why Slumber Sleep Aids are great! They not only help you fall asleep but they also help you stay there for longer, which ends up being the two most common sleep problems seniors deal with.

Slumber CBN is a Cannabinoid that comes from hemp and it’s 100% legal – Just like CBD. It’s available in tablets, gummies, or in tincture form. For those reasons, slumber sleep aids are on our list and make great gifts for retirees!

Gift-giving feels great for both the giver and the receiver! Hopefully, we’ve brought a helpful list with products that will bring a smile to the ones you love. Be it Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or even Christmas, be sure to take advantage and choose one of the best gifts for seniors available!