Born in 1950? So Were Stevie Wonder And Dunkin’ Donuts

What Happened The Year You Were Born - 1950

If you were born in 1950, you were born in the same year as Dunkin’ Donuts, credit cards, India’s new constitution, television remote controls, and more. The economy was changing rapidly and many families were moving from the cities to the suburbs.

Interesting Statistics from 1950

  • U.S. population: 152.27 million
  • Worldwide population: 4.38 billion
  • Life expectancy: 68.2 years
  • Price of gas: 18 cents
  • Price of a new house: $8,450
  • Average yearly wage: $3,210

Top News in 1950

If You Were Born in 1950, Your Parents Witnessed These Historic Events

  • India declares its constitution and forms a republic.
  • Albert Einstein warns of mutually assured destruction in the event of nuclear war.
  • Klaus Fuchs is arrested for spying on the U.S. and Britain. He gave away crucial information about the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union.
  • Puerto Rican nationalists attempt to assassinate President Truman.
  • Shirley Temple retires from show business.
  • The first credit cards are issued by Diners Club.
  • President Truman authorizes the creation of the hydrogen bomb
  • Guam becomes a territory of the U.S.
  • Bertie the Brain, possibly the first video game, is displayed at the Canadian National Exhibition before being dismantled.
  • The Great Brinks Robbery occurs.

1950 Pop Culture


  • 1950 World Series: New York Yankees defeat Philadelphia Phillies 4-0.
  • 1950 NFL Championship: Cleveland Browns defeat Los Angeles Rams 30–28.
  • 1950 NBA Championship: Minneapolis Lakers defeat Syracuse Nationals 4-2.
  • 1950 Stanley Cup: Detroit Red Wings defeat New York Rangers 4-3.


  • Top-grossing movies in 1950: “Samson and Dellilah,” “King Solomon’s Mines,” “Annie Get Your Gun”
  • Top singles in 1950: “Goodnight Irene,” “Mona Lisa,” “Third Man Theme”
  • Top books in 1950: “The Cardinal,” “Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book,” “The Liberal Imagination,” “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”

Who Else Was Born in 1950?

  • Loyd Grossman
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Princess Anne
  • Dr. Phil
  • Bill Murray
  • Narendra Modi

Who Died in 1950?

  • Al Jolson
  • George Orwell
  • George Bernard Shaw