Life After COVID-19: What to Expect

What Will Life Be Like After Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused trillions of dollars of economic damage and as of today, has left over 750,000 people dead worldwide, with over 170,000 virus related deaths in the US alone.

Many countries and parts of the United States are gradually reopening, albeit under strict social distancing rules, and we are now starting to get to grips with this “new normal.”

Social distancing rules and other measures designed to limit the spread of the virus are set to remain in place for quite a while.

So, what will life be like for Baby Boomers after COVID-19? Read on to find out…

More Working From Home

Government-imposed lockdowns all over the world have made tens of millions of workers redundant, while hundreds of millions have been able to continue working from home.

Working from home has never been witnessed before at these levels, and now that many companies have seen firsthand how well it can work, it’s likely to stay in some form even after the pandemic.

Baby Boomers, in particular, are likely to continue to work from home whenever possible, as they are especially vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus. As long as the work can be performed competently from home, companies are likely to let older employees continue working remotely if it gives them peace of mind.

Proof of Vaccination May Be Needed to Travel

Once a vaccine is developed, and vaccination programs are rolled out across the US and the globe, it’s likely that you may need to provide proof of vaccination to travel to some countries or to enter a particular event.

This is unlikely to be a rule that’s implemented universally, but it’s something you may need to consider when traveling abroad in a post-coronavirus world.

Vaccinations at Drugstores

Boomers will most likely be able to get vaccinations, such as flu shots, at their local drugstore instead of visiting their doctor. Health experts have explained that this would reduce the risk of coming into contact with someone who has contracted COVID-19 and potentially being infected.

Telemed Will Grow in Importance

Telemed, also known as E-Health, is all about doctors providing consultations and medical advice to patients remotely – usually via a video calling app. Telemed will remain very important in the near future, particularly for older patients, as they look to minimize their chances of contracting coronavirus.

Doctors are expecting about a third of their appointments to be conducted remotely over the coming months.

Fewer Short-Haul Flights

Despite stringent physical distancing and sanitization measures being implemented at airports, some people are still reluctant to fly as they consider airports and planes to be hotspots for COVID-19.

Furthermore, it’s more expensive to travel by air to most places, due to fewer passengers on the average plane.

All of this means Boomers and other travelers are likely to prefer driving over flying whenever practical.

A Quick Summary

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed and disrupted our way of life, and things are likely to remain altered even once the pandemic has blown over.
  • Many of these changes will affect Baby Boomers more than the average American, so they should pay special attention
  • The “new normal” is likely to see continued social distancing measures, less air travel, and more remote working.
  • You may also need to provide a proof of vaccination to visit some countries or to enter a particular event.
  • Other important coronavirus-induced trends include a sharp rise in Telemed, especially for Baby Boomers, as older patients have been found to be more vulnerable to the virus.