Top Retirement Locales for Single Seniors

Single Seniors

Deciding where to retire can be a difficult decision for single seniors and baby boomers. For the first time in life, many seniors find themselves blissfully unattached to an employer geographically so they can finally move to a destination of their choosing. Single boomers are encouraged to select cities where they can meet and mingle with kindred spirits.

The statistics for seniors paint a rosy picture of opportunity for boomers interested in dating. U.S. News & World Report claims that 55% of females 65 and older are single, with a large number of them surviving their husband’s death. It is also noteworthy that 31% of men of the same age are also single.

Below are a few attractive U.S. cities worth considering when the idea of relocation for retirement becomes a realistic option.

Retirement Destinations Where the Number of Single Seniors Is in your Favor

If you have ever been the third wheel, hanging out with your married friends on your own, then you know how much more appealing it can be to enjoy the company of other single people. Granted, there is nothing particularly wrong with tagging along with your best married friends on occasion, but finding your place in the world as an active senior looking for love is a different activity entirely.

Some cities offer more opportunities than others, boasting a larger group of singles to potentially date. Boomers partial to warmer climates should consider Dallas, Miami, and Houston. U.S. News & World Report lists these cities as top retirement locales for single seniors interested in love. With a large percentage of singles 65 or older, these three cities are sure to put the odds in your favor.

Singles more interested in living in the northern part of the U.S. should give some serious thought to Detroit, Boston, and Philadelphia. These cities also have a large population of mature singles.

Washington D.C. and Chicago are two other cities with more than their fair share of single boomers looking for love. As two of the most popular tourist spots in the U.S., these exciting metro areas offer a vast number of dating venues that cater to history buffs, photographers and foodies.

Top Urban Hotspots Perfect for Single Seniors on the Go

San Francisco, CA
The City by the Bay provides an excellent hunting ground for single boomers. Over half of women 65 and older are single, complemented by 32% of their male counterparts sharing that same status. There is so much to do in San Francisco, that it is doubtful that senior couples will run out of new places to visit during their first year of going out together. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of visiting San Francisco can attest to the multicultural allure of the ethnic restaurant scene, shopping venues, and art galleries sure to entice people of all tastes.

Since the living expenses are high and the technology community is ripe with opportunity, singles are certain to meet exciting and successful new people when they venture out to date. Granted, San Francisco isn’t the right place for seniors living on a strict budget, but for people more interested in natural beauty and making good connections, San Francisco is the perfect spot to meet influential seniors.

Atlanta, GA
Ranked as more affordable than San Francisco, Atlanta offers single seniors excellent odds for finding romance with over half of senior women claiming single status. Women seeking male companionship can rest assured that there are plenty of interested men available with over 31% of older males also falling into the single category.

Baby boomers interested in a variety of activities will find everything they need in this bustling city. The warm climate encourages outdoor activities about nine months of the year. Culturally, Atlanta is a hub for music, art and making movies. There is also a significant foodie scene with every kind of food a person could want.

New York, NY
Dubbed as the city that never sleeps, it is hard to find a more diverse place on earth than New York City. Claiming over eight million residents with about a million over the age of 65, single boomers interested in the excitement of New York won’t be disappointed. The dating opportunities are limitless with something for everyone.

Whether you’re into Broadway plays, ethnic food, or professional sports, you will find what need and want. It is possible to walk to many restaurants and shops from most residential buildings.

One of the many perks of living in New York is that there are many hospitals and lifelong learning centers that cater to seniors. Given the closeness of this huge city, the large senior population in New York is easily accessible for people ready to reach out and get involved to meet new people.

Pittsburgh, PA
Pittsburgh is uniquely attractive since it offers the affordability of a smaller city with the variety of activities typically found only in the most expensive cities. Sports fans and seniors interested in music or ballet will find activities of interest.

The low cost of living draws seniors on a fixed budget into the city for practical reasons. While the weather can be cold, the excellent hospitals, cultural scene and low unemployment rate offset the disadvantages of a cold winter. Senior Advice reports Pittsburgh’s status on the list of Top 10 Cities for Seniors.


Times have changed drastically for seniors in the past decade. Social media and the internet have connected us, making the world much more accessible. By living in a vibrant city and being open to meeting new people, it is easier than ever before to date and connect with other single seniors interested in living an active lifestyle. The cities above enjoy large baby boomer populations with a significant percentage of single people represented.